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Monday, March 8, 2010

Lucy and Seymour's Circus

My 3 year old is all about pretend play right now. We have now have a wonderful book to help encourage this pretend circus play.

Sally O. Lee wrote a delightful picture book called Lucy and Seymour's Circus.  It's a beautiful story that shows when one is disappointed about the turn of events, one can still have fun.  Lucy had big plans to go to the circus, but she wakes up sick.  Since she can't go to the circus, she finds a striped blanket to make a circus tent...and the circus fun begins!  Her little animal friends help her have a good time performing various circus tricks before it's time to rest.

This book is so sweet!  I love the imagination.  The story is fabulous and the pictures just lovely.  This book would appeal to a wide range of ages, and boys and girls.  I do recommend this book!

I recently reviewed another of Sally's books, Stop It!  (Click for review.)  I really enjoyed that book, too, but I like the depth and imagination of Lucy and Seymour's Circus even more.  My three year old enjoys both!

Thank you Sally O. Lee for providing me a review copy.


Christy said...

This sounds like a book my kids will love. I'll look for it. Thanks!

Raising a Happy Child said...

Sounds like a great book - I will look for it as well. Thanks for reviewing it.

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