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Friday, March 19, 2010

What My Children Are Reading

Come Fly with Maisy- This is our only Maisy book.  M LOVES them all, and she even knows where to find (and read the spines?) the Lucy Cousin's books at the library.  This is a book that M "reads" all by herself!

How Droofus the Dragon Lost His Head- By Bill Peet.  This is a book that M asks for over and over again at bedtime.  It is a great children's book, but would be lengthy for children under 3.

Lucy and Seymour's Circus- I just reviewed this book last week, but since then M wants to read it at nap time and bed time.  She sleeps with it under her pillow.  She LOVES this book!  Written and illustrated by Sally O. Lee...great book about turning a disappointment into some fun.  

Little Monster's Neighborhood-Another book that has been requested A LOT this week.  Written by Mercer Mayer, it's just a classic Little Monster book all about his neighborhood.  Too bad our neighborhood is just the development...and not our town.  Oh well.

This week all of these books are from our own collection and not the library.  

We'll be linking up again at Mouse Grows, Mouse  Learns!


Debbie said...

These sound like some great books!

Raising a Happy Child said...

Thanks for joining again this week! All your books except Maisy are new to us, and we'll be looking for them in the library. Anna loves Little Critter series, but I didn't even know that there is also Little Monster series by the same author - thanks for bringing this book to my attention - it looks like fun.

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