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Friday, March 26, 2010


Karen K is the winner of Here Burns My Candle by Liz Curtis Higgs.  I'm sure she won't be disappointed!


Renee said...

Congrats to Karen ~ It's a great book!

Carrie said...

Thanks for leaving the note on the 5M4B post. But now that I've added you into my Google reader, I should be able to keep up a little bit better! =D

We're using the book Benjamin's Box this year, at the recommendation of a friend. The concept is similar to your Resurrection Eggs, except it involves a treasure chest instead. Bookworm1 has been enthralled by it! We're alternating days between "secular and sacred." So we read Benjamin's Box every day and then read some stories on the side. Last night it was the Peter Cottontail books and then we dyed some Easter Eggs as a family which was kinda fun.

Learning and piecing together -as Bookworm1 is 3 1/2 also! So I know exactly where you are at! =D

Carrie said...

(I put that whole comment on the wrong post! ARG! Sorry about that!)

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