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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Potholder Islands

We were looking for a way to pass the time when M started pretending she was the baby blowfish from the Wonder Pets that needed to be saved.  AGAIN.  Somehow that inspired me to make islands on the floor for us to jump on as we tried to stay out of the "water."

Initially I went to grab the construction paper, but quickly realized that would not be a good idea if I wanted to reuse it with E, our one year old "playing" along.  Next I gathered up my potholders.  I'm not sure if I have more than the average person, but we have a lot.  

It took M quite a while to understand she should stay off the carpet.  She loved rearranging the potholders for me to jump on.  We had a goal to go from the loveseat to a music box (and of course play some music).

When M's interest waned, I had her match up the potholders.  She did as well as anyone could.  I have many single potholders...due to scorching and other unfortunate events.  (I don't want to use the word fire.  Fire extinguishers were never used, but for several years I probably averaged losing one potholder each year.  I am happy to say that I have not lost any since we got our ceramic-top stove 1 1/2 years ago.)   I was impressed that I didn't need to explain that she should match the patterns/colors and not the shape since some are oven mitts and others are the flat type. 

Anyway, this was just a little impromptu fun that we had...and I thought to take a picture, so I'm sharing it with you today.


vanessa said...

This is such a great idea! We are always playing wonderpets, too! My daughter would love this idea!

evanwick said...

This gave me a huge smile. We've saved many a baby animal ala Wonderpets. I don't know how many times I've walked across the living room floor to only hear Rosie shriek...*you re in the water MOM!!!!* She uses pillows to jump around on, but we'll have to try potholders sometime (because I tend to get a little cranky when the pillows keep getting dragged all over the floor!!!).

Ticia said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! Maybe this is what my kids do when they steal my oven mitts and potholders. If it's not, we're going to have to try it.

Summaiyah Hyder said...

how cute!

Miller Moments said...

Totally fun! My boys would love this.

Raising a Happy Child said...

This is such a fun impromptu activity. I don't think I could round up so many pot holders though :)

Christy said...

Super cute idea! I only own two potholders though. Do most people own more than that? I have no idea. I love that you have so many though! Maybe I could use dish towels. They multiply in my house!

I love the Wonderpets. Cute show.

Jenny said...

fun idea! i think you do have more than me (although i DO have some because supper at our house usually means pots going directly onto the table, much to the horror of my mother) - but i think i could supplement with dish towels, like the idea above.

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