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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Curly Do

 When you have a little girl with long hair, sometimes you just need to play a little.  I'm sure many moms would do M's hair much more frequently than I do...but oh well.  Once in a while I like to give M curly hair.  Really, this is not a child's hair-do, but anyone's.

To make this curly do, I usually sit M in front of the TV with soaking wet hair.  (This time we were just reading books and a VHS cover.  Mistake #1.  Make sure your child will sit with their head still!)  Then I section off her hair, twist and twist until it makes a knot, and then I secure it with a small hair tie as seen in the picture below.  If a section is starting to dry, I spray it with water.

I love the knots!  When I am able to be more careful, each little part is straight and makes the knots look that much nicer, but you get the idea.

Leave the knots in until hair is completely dry, usually overnight.  Unfortunately, I was impatient the other day (I only let the knots dry for a few hours-Mistake #2), so you get to see an "after" picture from September.   The curls relax rather quickly for us since I don't use hair spray on M's hair, but this is immediately after we took the knots out.

As you can see, one little girl really liked it!


Christy said...

I wonder if Reagan would sit still for this. Her hair is always down because she hates it when I try to fix her hair. I have to admit that I am not very good at styling hair.

Christy said...

I forgot to say that it looks beautiful on Meghan.

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