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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Book Bloom

Bloom where you are planted.  You've heard that before, right?  Book Bloom is a cute website featuring books written and illustrated by Manjula Narayann.  It is a cute site, and you can even preview any of her books, even the soon-to-be released book The gray, Gray Cloud.

Thanks to Manjula, we have had the chance to read two books.  I find that these books are most distinctive in their artwork.  Manjula uses mixed media to create her illustrations.  It took a little while for me to get used to it, but my 3 year old enjoyed it immediately.  I appreciate that each page is unique, and that the books look so different than our other books with these bold and bright illustrations, along with good stories.  Sometimes the vocabulary is a little beyond our 3 year old (such as unconscious and per se), but that doesn't stop us from enjoying these books.
 The red, Red Car is a book about an angry red car that really wants to win the race.  The problem is his anger; it holds him back.  He finally realized his anger was stopping him from winning the race, and he is able to overcome his attitude and follow the rules...and win the race!  This is a good book to help children understand their own problem with anger.  We certainly have this problem in our home, but M is not quite old enough to appreciate this book yet for that quality.  She fully understands the word "angry" now, and uses it often and appropriately, thanks to this book.  We are thankful that she is able to put her feelings into words more and more.  One day soon this book will help her more, I think.
The green, Green Pear is another book with a good message.  The green pear doesn't want to be a pear anymore and would be happy being anything but a green, Green pear.  The green Green pear has the opportunity to become several different things, and eventually learns to love himself for all that he is...a green, Green pear.

Don't forget to check out Book Bloom and take a sneak peak at Manjula's books!

Thank you, Manjula Naraynan for providing these books for our review.

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Christy said...

I'll check it out. Thanks!

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