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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Salt Dough Ornament Keepsake

We did a bit of a different salt dough ornament. I took a bowl and cut a circle to make a keepsake ornament instead of a cookie cutter type. The plan was to have the kids' hand prints in the circle. E (13 months) would make a lovely hand print and then dig deep enough to put holes in it. After 8-10 tries, I went to the back up plan. I think it turned out well.

My only regret is that I didn't do this keepsake sooner.

Read about how to make your own Salt Dough Ornaments at my new blog.


Amanda said...

We are also planning on making some salt dough ornaments this month but I was wondering what kind of paint did you use?

The Activity Mom said...

Love it! What a special keepsake.

The Harris Family said...

What a great idea. I hope I have time to try this.

Raising a Happy Child said...

I wish I did it sooner too. Maybe something to try this Christmas season at least!

BranFlakes said...

I love the footprint.

RenJac said...

Oh I have done these before, :) Yalls came out Great.

ALF said...

Love this idea-I am definitely going to try this this year as Christmas gifts for the parents or preschoolers at church. I'm always trying to come up with something the kids can help with-this is perfect!

Emily @CreativeDisaster said...

I am going to do this with my boys! My mom still has mine that I made in preschool. new follower, too!

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