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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Cards Questions

So I'm curious.  Do you send Christmas cards?  We do.  Though I have done a couple of Christmas newsletters,  when I did, I made sure to include a personal note, as well.  Now the year M was born, she was hospitalized for two weeks due to a heart problem...that year we only sent out a Christmas photo card.  (I did send out birth announcements before she was hospitalized.)

If you send out Christmas cards, do you make sure there is a return address?  I hope so!  Do you include a personal note?  Do you include a photo or a photo card?

Who do you send cards to?  Only to those you don't see?  Everyone in your address book?  Do you send to friends/family who do not send cards?

I struggle with Christmas cards, in case you can't tell by all my questions.  I like the idea of letting folks know we care, as well as telling them what is new with us and celebrating the birth of Jesus with others...or letting them know why we celebrate Christmas even if they don't.

This year I made some of our cards...not all of them.  I feel like a lot of people know that E had his seizure before his first birthday.  I'm not so sure that everyone knows that M started preschool or that she has a speech disorder.  So I did include some notes that discussed what's been happening.   I seem to struggle with writing enough to keep it personal, yet keeping it short enough to hand-write all the cards.  My goal is to keep it personal.

Are pre-printed address labels tacky?  I've been using them for a few years, but tell me your thoughts!

Oh, I used Picasa to make a photo collage of the family last year and this.  It's simple.  I wrote about it.  You can read about the affordable Christmas photos by clicking the link.

Please share your thoughts with me on how you do I'm off to write some more Christmas cards!


Raising a Happy Child said...

Christmas Cards is a big thing here. This year our list has about 70 addressees - friends and family. We create a homemade card every year with a family picture. It turned out pretty nicely this year, but it's also rather late, and the cards are not even written yet. I am trying to keep it simple this year - we preprinted the text on majority of the cards and left some for free form writing. I am hoping to get them all out by the end of this week, since some of them are traveling internationally.

Miller Moments said...

I do Christmas cards and this year did an email photo show christmas card too. To be honest, I don't have time to sit and write personal notes to 70 people. I used to do that, but our list is so long now and with two kids it seems like every moment is accounted for. I figure a card with a photo of family every year is better than nothing! I guess I also use my blog to keep people update on us, so I really have nothing new to say in Christmas letter.

Ticia said...

I LOVE Christmas cards. We sometimes do preprinted address labels, sometimes we don't. I've done newsletter type ones put in because I like to read them. I try to put return addresses on, but have occasionally not gotten them done. I sign them, and usually try to write a one sentence note, but don't always add that in.

Adriana said...

I intend to do Christmas cards every year but again (sigh) this year it did not happen. My husband has an ENORMOUS family so our cards would be upwards of 200. It just gets so busy that it gets pushed back to the end of my list of things to do. Maybe next year. :)

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