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Friday, March 26, 2010

Easter Activities and Basket Fillers

We are doing some different things this year, but I thought I would share with you from Easter past (last year actually).

For the baskets I made a teddy bear for E (then a baby) and a button book for M.
If you make a button book, and your child is like M, I would suggest matching button colors to shape colors.
We got a play hat at the Dollar Tree.  
We matched some paper number eggs.
M helped to make a little chick. (Two fuzzy balls, felt or paper beak, and googley eyes.)
And we made a button egg.
This year we will update the button egg to the three year old version by adding ribbon stripes.

Sadly, I noticed that not one of those things is about Jesus' death and resurrection.  I guess I should be honest and tell you that we didn't emphasize the reason for Easter last year (nor did we focus on the Easter bunny). 

 This year is very different now that M is nearly 3 1/2.  We are reading the Easter story in a couple different Bibles.  M loves the resurrection eggs I made.  I need to post about it soon.


Christy said...

I look forward to seeing your resurrection eggs.

I like your comment about M and the button book. It sounds like M is very much like my C.

Shirley R. said...

Aw, the button book is an adorable idea. I think the little girls I care for would love to have something like that. My mom, who is a teacher, has been using resurrection eggs for years- I think they are one of her favorite tools for teaching children about Jesus' life, death, and resurrection. Again, the button book is a great idea!

Miller Moments said...

GREAT ideas!!!

Renee said...

I really like the button egg and the number eggs :) I am looking to make our Easter much more God centered this year as well. :) Thanks so much!

Ticia said...

It's also hard to find good age appropriate crafts for pre=schoolers about the actual reason for Easter, or at least, I've had a hard time. But, we're looking more this year. We'll see what we find.

Carrie said...

I love the idea of the paper number eggs! That's a great thought!

Cindy said...

Such great ideas. I have a virtual Easter basket for you on my blog. It is a really neat fundraiser. Check it out.

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