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Friday, March 5, 2010

Comforting Caffiene

Since I have been so exhausted lately, I've been needing some caffiene to help me make it through the afternoons. I do not drink this is the best I can do. Hot tea with some honey to sweeten it. Yum. Maybe spring's official arrival in a short time will help me! Who knows.
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Christy said...

I need tea to get me through the afternoon! I like Bigelow spiced chai with a little milk and agave. I love coffee, but I have cut back to three cups a week so on the days that I don't drink coffee, I need tea! What kind of tea do you like?

Our Cozy Little Book and Art Corner said...

I have Irish Breakfast Tea (unless i'm out) with milk and honey in the morning! :)

And hot Green Tea at night.

Miller Moments said...

Yes, I know the feeling to need caffeine, but unfortunately I don't get mine in a healthy form. I'm such a coffee addict.

Angie said...

Annette, do you guys have a good health food store down there? I had been feeling the same way and the lady at Jurnack's recommended doing a detox. I have been doing it for a couple weeks now and I feel so much better. I have lots more energy and don't feel so sluggish.
The detox is just a series of herbs that help flush your system.
Let me know if you want some more info.

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