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Monday, February 22, 2010


Our 3 year old is not a bully, but she can certainly be mean, especially to her little brother.  This is probably more sibling rivalry than bullying, but it's still a concern. I'm sure what happens in our home is fairly normal, but it still bothers us, as parents.  I get a bit jealous when I hear from friends how well their children get along, because the reality for us is that our kids fight.  A LOT.

We now have a book that will be a good resource for us when our son gets a bit older.  As important as it is to try to stop a child from being mean, it is also important to help a child understand that others' mean actions can be addressed.
The book is Stop It! by Sally O. Lee.  In the book the brother, George, is a bully and mean to his sister, Anabel.  It isn't until George holds the cat Lulubell by the tail that Anabel has enough and yells, "Stop it!"  George sees the error of his ways and he apologizes by giving Anabel her wand.  She is forgiving and crowns him king.

This book and its message is sweet.  Though it may be very simple in the apology and forgiveness aspect, it shows how two children forgot the past and moved on from it.  These illustrations are quite adorable, too!  They certainly appeal to my daughter.  Sally O. Lee brings the story and pictures together beautifully in Stop It!

Thank you, Sally, for providing us with this book for review!


Survival of a Homeschool Mom said...

My boys fight a lot too. I will definitely have to look for this book.

Christy said...

I really need to read this to my kids. Thanks.

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