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Monday, February 1, 2010

Medication Triumph!

Our son, E, has been taking medication twice a day since his seizure in October. You might say that we have had a fight twice a day because of this. This picture (from November) may make it seem like E likes medication, but trust me, he doesn't!

Until now! Last week E had to take an antibiotic. Of course it was flavored since it was for a little guy. He loved it! I contacted our neurologist and pharmacy to see if his anit-seizure medication could be flavored. It certainly can! E now takes it happily.

So if you need a young one to take medication, I recommend looking into flavoring.

The other tip I have for those of you who need draw up medication on a regular basis is to get a cork for your bottle if you need a small amount or give it in an oral syringe.   You can just purchase it at your local pharmacy, but it makes a huge difference in the stress level of drawing up medication, especially if you need less than 1 ml.  (We learned this when M took .3 ml of heart medication several times each day.  That was stressful!)  The cork has a hole in it.  You place the syringe in it, turn it upside down and then draw out the medicine.  If you do it twice it eliminates bubbles, which make it difficult to draw up the exact amount.

Does your young one take medication?  Let me know if you have a tip for me!

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Miller Moments said...

I'm so glad for you! What a relief to find a solution to a problem that I know had to be very difficult for you.

Deborah (Teach Preschool) said...

Great tips - I have shared a link to your post with my teachers and parents on twitter. I bet others would like to know this information as well. Although - I must say I am not clear on what the cork is for:)

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