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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dish Towel Apron

 This is a repost from our family blog a year ago!  I am happy to share that she still loves this apron and it still fits her well.
Here is the dish towel apron pattern I made for M. You truly only have to sew a a couple of straight lines to make it.  To make it fit an older child, you could just leave off the folded pocket area. While shopping for the dish towel, she chose the blue stripes.
It has three pockets, though they are difficult to see. More obvious is her hippy headband that she likes to wear.

When I was making zucchini bread she came running as soon as she heard the mixer! (I shred zucchini in the summer and freeze it so we can enjoy bread all year.) She loves to help me bake. I have learned that she always enjoys it, but it is best for me to be prepared with all the ingredients ready at my side.
Mommy and Meghan (and a cluttered fridge). We use this step stool for baking, but most often it is used at the bathroom sink to help Meghan wash her hands easily.


Christy said...

That apron is so cute!

Miller Moments said...

That is so cute! If I had any talent, I would attempt to make one. :)

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