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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Who Has Speech Issues?

I'm curious about my readers.  Who of you experience speech delays or disorders with your children?  Would you leave me a comment below or email me at derekannette (at) gmail (dot) com?

If you want to, you could also tell me about some of your favorite resources.  Thanks!


Miller Moments said...

I think you know my son didn't have speech issues, but had hearing issues at birth and so we did early intervention with him for 2 years. The early intervention was a speech therapy to make sure that despite his hearing loss, he still learned to speak correctly.

Teryn said...

My son is 26mo old and he only just now started to talk. I was concerned and actually enrolled him in a speech therapy program. They did an initial evaluation a few weeks ago and we were supposed to start working with him at the beginning of March. Then last week he just started talking. He went from nothing to repeating everything I say and even telling me "Green! Go!" When a stoplight turns green as we are out and about. So, my thoughts are... some kids just prefer to get it all figured out before they start to talk. Then they start in sentences. I don't know if that helps, but it's been my experience so far.

Ticia said...

No developmentally inappropriate speech issues here, yet. Princess doesn't say "s" at the beginning of words mainly, but that's okay for her age.

Christy said...

Collin was evaluated yesterday in school. I never thought anything of his pronunciation until a note came home from his K teacher this week. When he pronounces thirty, it sounds like forty -- the "th" sound is always an "f" sound. He also has trouble with the "ir/or" sound like in girl or work - it sounds more like ghoul than girl. He is the youngest child in his class; he has an August birthday so he only made the cut off by a few weeks, so I'm not sure if this is something he will outgrow. We'll find out what the speech therapist thinks next week. When Collin was three, he stuttered a lot (it began on Christmas morning and I thought it was just excitement) - it was so frustrating for him and he stopped speaking entirely and refused to go anywhere. It was a challenging time for all of us because we had no idea how to handle the situation. It lasted about three months and then the stuttering went away completely. I guess that is common in boys from what I have been told.

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