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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Beginning Creativity

I like to be craft, though I would not call myself an artist. (Once upon a time-the 90's in high school and college-I did. My high school class ring even has an paint palette on it. I bet you didn't know that!)

Though I may not be an artist, I know that it is important to help children create at a young age. Creating can be building block towers, making a snowball, drawing with sidewalk chalk, making a play dough ice cream cone, or painting a picture.

My 15 month old son, E, has been scribbling with pens on occasion. Today I pulled out the paper and markers and encouraged his first masterpiece, as seen above. (I cropped the picture, but he did cover a good amount of paper.) With children at this age crayons, markers, and paintbrushes quickly go in the mouth. It can be discouraging to a parent, but I still enjoy the opportunity to help E color a picture.

I find at this age, markers give more impact than crayons and they are a bit less likely to go in the mouth than a paint brush. In my opinion, washable markers and crayons are a must (even for my 3 year old). You just never know when a table, nose, hand, or wall might get colored.

It was natural for me to talk to E about the colors he was choosing to use.

 What ideas do you have for me to use with my young son?


Raising a Happy Child said...

We also started using markers and crayons at about same time. I tend to think that open-ended scribbling is probably best for very young toddlers. Occasionally we would draw something for Anna and let her add to the picture or do the opposite - make her scribbles into something else. Soon E will be ready to join M in her artwork :)

The Harris Family said...

Livy favorite word right now is color. She's a little older but I've let her sit next to Aubrey and attempt the projects as well (easier ones and free art). She loves to paint (brush and finger paint), painting with pudding was great when she was younger. I add glue where she wants it and she sticks the paper or whatever we are using on. stickers are also a favorite.

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