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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Flip Along Fun Review

We recently got a really cool, interactive book in the mail.  Flip Along Fun is a large and beautiful board book!  The illustrations are gorgeous, and the stories that are created unique and amusing!  Right away I was impressed with the quality and durability of this board book.

Flip Along Fun is an interactive book.  The 9x12 pages are divided into three flaps.  The child gets to determine the little story by choosing which flaps they want to match up.  The two flaps on the left will determine the last flap.  It's storytelling and math all in one!   The only con with the book is that sometimes the flaps are hard to turn, but I can't see a way to improve it since that is the nature of spiral bindings, and the spiral makes this book so much better than a traditional binding.  With the spiral binding, it can even stand on its own, which M thinks is neat!

Flip Along Fun really is fun!  M enjoyed creating the rhyming stories, and there are lots of variations of the stories so a child does not get bored.  As a parent, I like that I can introduce addition at such an early age.  As a former teacher, I think this would be a great asset for a  preschool, kindergarten, or first grade classroom.  Many children excel at  only reading or math, but not always both.  This would get a poor reader (but good math student) excited about reading and it would be fun for student whose strength was reading to have some fun with math.

Want to see more?  Watch a short video clip to see how it works!

Want one?  The author, Michael J. Dowling is offering a savings of $3 to Live, Learn, Love readers making the books just $14.95; just use the coupon code below.  It's a great idea to buy an extra for a gift (for teacher or child) since shipping is a flat rate of just $3.50 no matter how many books you buy.

Coupon Code: L-01and save $3!

Thank you to the author, Michael J. Dowling for giving us a copy to review!

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Raising a Happy Child said...

This really sounds like a very neat book. I have seen it reviewed somewhere else too, and thought that it's a great idea. I am glad that M is enjoying it.

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