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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Christmas Craft Ideas

Last year my handmade Christmas items were incredibly limited...almost non-existent.  (But baby Jesus in the manger was cute!)  I want it to be different this year!  It's August.  My hands need to get busy if I am going to make some homemade gifts this year, don't you think?  I just found Twelve Crafts Till Christmas blog and was inspired to get moving!

Here are some craft ideas from my favorites list.  Some are easy crafts; some are cute.  My intention is NOT to complete them all, but maybe some?  I hope.  All would be awesome!

You may be wondering why I don't get started on a project right now.  Well, I am in the middle of making a patchwork purse for my sister.  AND my daughter's school year ends in less than two weeks, and I am hoping to make a couple things for her teacher, aide, and therapist.  We'll see how that really works in reality!

Below are the items saved in my "Favorites" for Christmas 2010.
Silly Eagle Books has several suggestions for making a nativity.

Felt Nativity by Bugga Bugs
NATIVITY - PDF Doll Pattern (Joseph, Mary, Jesus, Wise Men, Shepherd, Manger)

Yarn and Felt Folks
You can give these charming dolls as gifts, hang them on your tree, use them to decorate a package, or let them inhabit the holiday village on your mantel.
Yarn Ornaments (I would likely leave off the sparkle.)
Sparkly handmade yarn ornaments
Crayon Monogram for a teacher

Pipe Cleaner Jewelery
Pipe-Cleaner Jewelry
Hand Print Hand Towel

I also just bought my own Wonder Wallet pattern to use for gifts, too!  (My dear neighbor showed me hers...and I need my own pattern now!)  No zippers, but there is a pocket for coins that truly works!
Wonder Wallet
Here are some that I have done before that I may do again.
Personalized Wall Hanging
Personalized Name Pillow (I've only made one so far.)

And really, I want to finish my Jesse Tree project from last year!  See the felt tree, too.

What easy ideas do you have for me??  I would love to hear them!   Feel free to leave a comment and an appropriate link or create your own Christmas craft post!

Don't forget our four winner giveaway, too!


Ticia said...

Make your own wrapping paper, my kids love doing that with butcher paper.

Tote bags, and it can double as wrapping paper.

Carrie said...

I love the felt nativity! And the handprint towel idea! That's pretty cute.

I hear you on planning ahead. I've been thinking a bit about Christmas myself! I have all of the shopping done for everyone but the immediate family and I'm hoping to mail things out in November so that's done.

It rather feels like if you don't plan December well in advance, nothing that you really wanted to do gets done!

Have fun making - whatever it is you end up making! =D

Miller Moments said...

you are amazing!!! thinking about christmas already!

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