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Friday, August 13, 2010

Favorite Bibles

It's time to wrap up our Bible review week with our top picks!  This was tough!  I really enjoyed carefully examining our own Bibles and the review Bibles, too!

My favorite board Bible that we reviewed is Lift The Flap Bible.  All the board Bibles we reviewed were great, but this was still my favorite.  See board Bible reviews here.

The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His NameClassic Bible Storybook
The storybook Bibles are a little harder to chose from.  I have two favorites!  I still really love the Jesus Storybook Bible and highly recommend it.  Though it's wordy, every story points to Jesus.  I do wish there were more stories included.  However, I love everything about The Classic Storybook Bible, too, and how detailed it is!  The language is very close to the actual Bible's, and yet it is still child-friendly. See all storybook Bible reviews here.

The New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes Gift Edition
There are some options for children who are just starting to sit for a Bible story, but need more than a board book.  My favorite here is The New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes.  Though the stories are fairly simple and short, they still give enough detail and ask good questions.  See all reviews here.

For older kids, I reviewed three Bibles.  May I say I probably don't have a favorite?  They each meet a different need...Why don't you tell me which one you want for the review and giveaway?

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Everyday Mom Ideas said...

I have two young boys, so I am definitely into the whole flip book thing.

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