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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Farraday Road (Review)

Farraday Road (Lije Evans Mysteries)I had the chance to read another suspense-filled book.  Farraday Road is the location of where Lije Evans's wife is murdered, and the first, of many, attempt on his life is taken.  The plot of this book has many twists, while Lije attempts to figure out the mystery behind his wife's death and why he is still targeted.

While the suspense in this book was good, I can't say I loved it.  This is a Christian novel, yet there is profanity in it.  I feel that profanity has no place in a Christian novel.  I only noticed one word (d***).  One more concern with the language is how the characters used God's name inappropriately.  "My Lord, Curtis thought, they were watching a murder."

Despite the language, author Ace Collins had me riveted.  I was thoroughly disappointed when there were just a few pages left, and I knew the mysteries were not all going to be solved in this book.  I was even more disappointed when the final words of the book were "to be continued..."  I knew Farraday Road was part of a series, but this book just didn't "end".  I need some ends tied up by the end of a book, and it just didn't happen here.

So though I really enjoyed the plot and suspense in Farraday Road, it left too much to be desired, in my opinion, to call this a great book.  Though this book was provided for review purposes, if I had purchased it, I think I would have been disappointed that I felt "obligated" to buy the follow up book, Swope's Ridge.

Thank you, Zondervan, for providing me with a review copy.


Carole said...

I have this book but haven't read it yet, Annette, and I appreciated your honest thoughts. I'm almost neurotic about reading a series in order, and I rarely start a series until all books have been published. Most authors don't leave multiple plot lines unresolved, though.

Ticia said...

I'll echo Carole. Most writers writing a series meant to be read in order resolve the major plotline in the book and just leave the over-arching problem to be solved.

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