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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

God's Gifts

Ruby Paints a Picture (I Can Read! / Ruby Raccoon)We all need to be reminded that we have many, many gifts from God.  The book Ruby Paints a Picture, tells the story of how Ruby, the raccoon, paints each of her friends since they are a gift from God.  It's a very sweet story and a good choice for beginning readers.

This book is great, but of course it is not needed to initiate a conversation with your child about how God has blessed them.   Like Ruby and my daughter, your child could paint pictures of God's blessings.  When asked what God's gifts for her are, my daughter wanted to paint each of our immediate family members and then our swing set.  (Below is her painting of her brother.)  EDITED TO ADD:  Please know that my daughter chose our family as her "gifts" because it was similar to the book.  I was thankful that she chose us, but also surprised!

Of course, you do not need to limit your child to painting God's gifts.  You could cut pictures from a magazine, use stickers, let your child take photographs, or use your own photographs to create a collage.  Older children may also really enjoy using fancy lettering and colorful paper to make a word collage.  A blessing walk around your home and community might be an alternative way to discuss God's gifts!  Whatever you do and however you do it, it's good to focus on what God has given to us!

This week I want to link this to A Mommy's Adventures for great stART (story + art) activities and ABC and 123's show and tell.


Ticia said...

I wonder what my kids would paint for God's blessings......

Carrie said...

Again, great ideas!

Christy said...

I also wonder what my children will say and paint. Great idea. I'm going to try this soon.

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