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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Personalized Notebook

As a little thank you gift for my teacher and E's teacher at the end of our Bible study, I made these little personalized notebooks.  I had made one for myself many months ago...and learned a few lessons along the way.

These are pretty simple to make using scrapbook paper and  Mod Podge on a mini marble notebook.

  • Use sandpaper to rough up the cover of the notebook.  (I didn't on the first  one I made and it did peel a little.)

  • Trace and cut the front and back cover on the scrapbook paper.  Cut a piece from the coordinating paper for the binding.  Fold the binding paper around the notebook so that when it's time to glue it, it will be used to the fold.  Also cut the initial from the coordinating paper.  I used a Cricut, but free-hand would be fun, too.

  • Protect the pages of the notebook from the Mod Podge using plastic wrap all around the three exposed edges.  If you skip this step you are likely to have some pages stuck together.

  • Apply Mod Podge with a sponge brush to the front of the notebook.  Carefully place the paper.  Secure the paper in place with another coat of Mod Podge on top.  When dry, repeat on the back.  
  • When the back is also dry, apply Mod Podge to the binding area and onto the paper.  Carefully place the new binding on the notebook and apply another layer of Mod Podge.  Stand the book on it's edge, as pictured, to dry.

  • When the binding has had the chance to dry, apply another coat of Mod Podge to the binding area and edges.  Also place the letter where you want it by first applying Mod Podge, the letter, and then another coat of Mod Podge.  If you need to move the letter, I would suggest using a toothpick to do so.

Perfect for the purse, but you could do this with a regular sized notebook.  I think it'd be great fun to do this as a back to school project with my daughter when she is (much) older.

My inspiration came from Katie's Nesting Spot.  Check out her post to see how she did this.  

If you haven't figured it out yet, I love all things personalized.  Pillow.  Box.  Barrette holder.  Wall hanging.  Family tree.  

Do you have any suggestions for me for something different that could be personalized?  Do you have any project ideas for me?


Laura Fabiani said...

You are so resourceful, Annette. The notebooks look lovely!

Ticia said...

I love altering those composition books. yours turned out cute.

Katie's Nesting Spot said...

Beautiful Annette! Your tutorial is nicer than mine because it has pictures, always helpful! Your teachers will love them. I made ER one a little bit ago and let her pick out the papers and embellishments. She loves to draw in it.

The Cochran Buzz said...

I've made these before with spiral notebooks. We tied raffia or ribbon on the spiral, which was very cute! Now we are doing a church activity and we wanted to use the kind of notebook you used. I wasn't sure how to do the binding so thanks for the step by step instructions! The sand paper and plastic wrap were great ideas! THANKS AGAIN!!!

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