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Saturday, May 29, 2010

What My Children Are Reading

This week we have a combination of library and our own books that we love.

E, age 1 1/2 likes Zip! Pop! Hop! , a book about funny sounds our words make in our mouths, and Eric Carle's My Very First Book of Words, where you can match the word to the picture in this great book.

M, age 3 1/2 is enjoying a lot of books, but these are some of her favorites.
My Big Busy Body Activity Book - lots of information about human body, but very appropriate for preschool aged children
Old Macdonald Had a Farm -the song is accompanied by lots of pictures with a wide variety of animals Richard Scarry's Mr Frumble"s Bedtime Stories- Another Busytown book that M can't get enough of
and Scarry's The Gingerbread Man -the traditional story with Richard Scary pictures.  M loves to be the Gingerbread Girl!
To see what other children are reading, head over to Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns!


Ticia said...

I have yet to find a Richard Scarry book I didn't like.

Christy said...

HA - Richard Scarry drives me crazy. I'm not a fan of word books - I like a story. BUT my kids love Richard Scarry books, so we read them.

I have meant to link up to this for a while now. I have to do it next week.

Renee said...

Kids just love Richard Scarry books and it's so fun to see them get all excited about books.

Just stopped by to say Congratulations! You've won The Last Christian book in my give away. I'll get it in the mail this upcoming week. Happy Reading!

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