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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sick Kids

I know I haven't been posting this week.  Both of my children have been sick with fever/colds.  E's cold developed into an ear infection, so we've had two nights with very limited sleep.  The children have been a bit needier during the day, and I haven't had the energy to do much for posting.  (I did finish a great book over the weekend...Not a Sparrow Falls.  I'll write about it soon, I hope.

I have learned the joy of juice boxes.  I'm typically too frugal to drink juice boxes at home (and only out for special occasions), but this week I have been encouraging the children to drink lots, and especially water and juice.  M did go to school today for the first time all week after the doctor's office said she could.  She still has an awful cough when she laughs, cries, or gets physically active, but overall, she is doing much better.

I'm hoping tonight means some sleep for E and me.  

(Oh, neither of my children have distinct symptoms for ear infection.  Neither ever tugged at the ear!  It makes the guessing game of Is My Child Really Sick Enough to Go to the Doctor fun.) 


Christy said...

I hope they are healthy soon, and that you are able to get some sleep!

Ticia said...

I hate that guessing game. My kids never had the typical ear infection symptoms.
I'm the same way with juice boxes, it seems so silly to use them at home when it costs so much.

Carrie said...

Not being one to particularly enjoy lack of sleep - I hope you get some tonight as well!!

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