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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bike Course

M recently got a bike.  She did well with it, but would go in tiny circles or down our sidewalk.  To help her, my husband drew a big oval in our driveway.

She mastered the big race track quickly.  Next, Derek thought she should do more than just one-way circles, so he made the oval into a figure 8.  This helps her to practice both left and right-hand turns.

I never would have thought to do this, and I thought it was a great idea, so I'm sharing it.

1) E has found the "big" shovel, and just loves pushing it all around.
2) That is a portable sandbox in the second picture.  It is still enjoyed.
3) You might notice some writing on the pavement in the bottom picture.  It says, "Happy Birthday Daddy" from January!  Impressive sidewalk paint, huh?


Jennifer @ The Toy Box Years said...

What a FANTASTIC idea!!! Nani seems to enjoy going in circles in our garage, but is a little hesitant to ride anywhere else. This is a GREAT idea!!!

(And thanks for the heads up about the sidewalk paint. I was thinking about stocking up for the summer! LOL!)

Lisa said...

that is brilliant! The Pirate (at 5) does not like to ride his bike. He was doing ok until the first time he accidently slammed on the brakes, it scared him and now he's Mr. Timid.

Raising a Happy Child said...

Look at M go! She is really a very sporty girl.

Ticia said...

LOVE this idea, and I'm sure my kids would have a blast with it.

Renee said...

Great idea! Wish I had thought of that when my kids were learning to ride bikes. Have a great weekend.

MaryAnne said...

What a fabulous idea!

Was that sidewalk paint by any chance made using food coloring and corn starch? We had a similar experience, and now we mix washable paint with the corn starch instead =)

Aaron and Krystal said...

What a great idea, I think I'll store this away until my oldest (2 and 1/2) gets his first bike. (Probably for his upcoming birthday.) Thanks for sharing.

Alissa said...

Fab idea :) From Alissa@ Excuse Me Mrs.C!

Katie's Nesting Spot said...

This IS a great idea, totally having a why didn't I think of this! Making it a bit harder was such a good idea!

I'm a week late in making the rounds - the holiday weekend got me behind on everything!Wanted to say thanks for linking up last week's ABC & 123! Signed in as my personal blog, but it's one of the Katies from other there☺

PS: Just noticed your link to Hubbard's Cupboard, isn't she fabulous? I used her little booklets all the time in K.

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