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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dressing Kids for Outings

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From just about the moment my daughter could walk, she was a "runner."  Now that she is 3 1/2, I can trust her more to stay by my side when needed...though I don't always count on it.

That means going to parks, zoos, and even playgrounds where other little children will be can be tough.  I have learned to dress my kids so that they are easy to spot in a crowd.   Bright colors or a bold, bright pattern is very helpful to spot them.

Here M is wearing a shirt with very large polka dots.

And E is wearing a bright green shirt.

Below is a picture from another outing with big flowers for M and yellow for E.

What do you do to help yourself keep track of your children in a crowd?

(And yes, my 3 year old went up and down that GIANT slide like she was a natural-born mountain climber.  The first time I went behind her...and she did it as "easily" as me.  However, if you know me personally, you probably are not surprised.  Both pictures from above were taken when we visited family in NE PA.)


Ticia said...

If it's a place with lots of kids, I'll take a picture of them in their clothes before going anywhere so I know what they're wearing (I'm amazingly forgetful).

Miller Moments said...

I do something similar. When I need to keep my eyes on the boys I usually dress them in the same color. That way I'm looking for 2 green kids or 2 yellow kids, etc.

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Yep. I dress them alike. It's much easier to count 3 red or green shirts than try to remember what each kid was wearing. It's harder to convince them to match now that they're older, though. :(

Everyday Mom Ideas said...

Ive actually have never done this but I now think its a great idea. Im going to have to start doing this. thanks!

Sherrie M. said...

I dress my girls in the same color to make it easy for me to spot them in a crowd. And I try to wear that same color too so that if they are looking for me, they'll be able to find me because if they forget what color I'm wearing, they just look at themselves.

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