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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Waffles and WHAT?

Derek and I were dating. I was at his grandparents' home and was offered waffles and gravy. Yes, waffles and chicken gravy. Seriously, it sounded, um, not very good. I was thankful they also served maple syrup (yes, real syrup) with the waffles.
I wanted to be adventurous though. After a waffle or two with syrup, I tried a waffle with chicken gravy. Shockingly, it was DELICIOUS! Think about it; people don't think twice about biscuits and gravy, but somehow this sounds weird.
Grandma makes the chicken gravy. Grandpa make the waffles. And everyone is happy!
Well, last night, for the first time I made my own chicken gravy to go with waffles. In the past, I didn't want to attempt the chicken gravy. I struggle to make gravy, let alone to add chicken to it AND have it be the main course.
Why, after almost seven years of marriage, did I finally make waffles and chicken gravy for dinner? It was 4:15. Derek was due home within fifteen minutes...and I had not even given dinner a thought. On nights like this, I typically think A) leftovers, B) spaghetti, or C) pancakes.
Option A was not an option...they were gone. B was not an option since we had Skillet Pasta and Beef Dinner (think lasagna in a pan...but as easy as Hamburger Helper) the previous two nights. C was also not an option because we are completely out of our maple syrup. We only use the real stuff, and buy it from the farm, not the grocery store if we can help it.
I realized I had plenty of chicken in the freezer along with the "chicken juice" (stock) as I label it. I also had my Krusteaz Belgian waffle mix to make light and fluffy waffles. So I made my very first chicken gravy. I added water to the chicken juice and a flour/water mixture to thicken it. Once it was simmering, the chicken was thrown into the gravy. The results: A GREAT DINNER!
What do you think? Would you consider trying waffles and gravy? Does it sound just too weird? Have you already had it and love it?
(I know this is my third food post this week. Forgive me.)


Christy said...

I have never heard of waffles and gravy. I have to say that biscuits and gravy is not really a popular meal around here either - I think it's more of a southern thing, right? Anyway, I'm sure it all tastes good. I usually like fruit on my waffles!

Jennifer @ The Toy Box Years said...

While I usually am an adventurous spirit when it comes to food -- I think I'll pass on this one. ;-)

Now if that were whipped cream and strawberries, we'd be in business! LOL!

Ticia said...

While I understand biscuits and gravy being a HUGE southern thing, I'm not a big fan........ But, I can actually see why the mix of waffles and chicken gravy would work, not would I try it...... The world may never know.

Carrie said...

Ok. Never heard of this. And SERIOUSLY, Annette . . . .! ;D First I wanted doughnuts. Next cookies. Now I want some fluffy waffles smothered in - something. =)

Lisa said...

Sounds a little wierd to me, but my husband would probably like it.

Rose said...

I've never had waffles and chicken gravy but I grew up sausage gravy and pancakes.

Another interesting combination that I love - tomato gravy on biscuits. I mentioned it to my kids several days ago and they thought I was crazy. But it's on the menu for next week.

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