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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Chocolate Chip Cookies

I tried another new recipe for chocolate chip cookies.  I liked it-a lot!  These cookies have substance and good flavor.  They definitely turned out better with the dough chilled, in my opinion.  I never include as many chocolate chips as called for, in case you think the chips look sparse in the photo above.

It's another recipe from  If you are looking for a recipe to try, check out the award winning chocolate chip cookie recipe.  I cut it in half this time, but next time will make a full batch.  In full disclosure, my husband said they were good, not great.  We haven't found a recipe that he loves other than his mom's.  (I can never get that one quite right and have stopped trying.)

I have definitely been baking a bit too much recently.  Maybe I should say I've been eating a bit too many sweets.

My excuse for making these cookies was that my cousin and her family came to visit on their way to the beach!  I wanted something sweet to serve at lunch time...and something to put in the freezer.

Yes, I freeze my cookies!  It's nice to freeze cookies so that you don't feel the need to eat all of them before they go stale.  I literally just put my cookies in a freezer bag.  No need to wrap individually or anything like that.  Now, my cookies don't usually last for more than a week or two in the freezer either.  If you wanted them to last for three months, I still think they would be fine in just a freezer bag.

If you need an easy dessert to make for dinner with friends, don't forget to try my Chocoloate Chip Cookie Pie.  It is so easy and so good!  I'm going to make it tomorrow since we were invited to a friend's house.  It always gets rave reviews (and recipe requests), and I don't mess it I do so many other things!


Carrie said...

What is this?! Cookies!? Doughnuts?!

What are you trying to DO to us!? ;)

Christy said...

I put cookies in the freezer too! I also freeze cupcakes (before frosting) because we could never eat 24 cupcakes before they go stale. It's fun to pull them out and frost them for special occasions. I usually make Toll House choc chip cookies because they remind me of my childhood!

Angie said...

I definitely give them "2 Thumbs Up"! ;)

Mark said...

man, why did you have to post a picture?! Now I want choc chip cookies! :-)

Jennifer @ The Toy Box Years said...

I'll have to try that recipe. I, too, am on the quest for the perfect chocolate chip cookie. I'll have to send you my MIL's recipe to try!

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

Those look delicious! I am also a fan of freezing things. Usually I make large batches of little muffins. I pull a few out in the morning for my daughter's preschool snack and by snack time, they are already defrosted!

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