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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Father's Day Hand Prints

If you are a grandpa or the dad to my kids, you should skip this post or spoil your surprise.
This photograph does not show the potential for this "card."  My inspiration came from Izzie, Mac, and Me.  Cindy had made a framed set of prints at Christmas.  It was so adorable, so be sure to check out her set. 

I wanted something more card-like to give to each of the grandfathers and my husband than Cindy's framed prints.  I traced each of the children's hands on to cardstock.  Then I cut those out and traced and cut hand prints from contrasting scrapbook paper.  Each heart holds the child's name.  The oval at the top could be titled with anything, but I decided to put the date and Father's Day there.

It's simple...maybe too simple for some, but you can always make this idea your own!

I'm linking up to Crystal's Craft Spot Challenge.  Click button for more Father's Day ideas!


Ticia said...

Very cute. We're going to work on ours tomorrow.

The Harris Family said...

Very sweet idea Annette. I love anything with handprints. Thanks for linking up.

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