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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

God Loves Us Collection

The God Loves Us Collection (I Can Read!™ / Beginner's Bible®, The)If you have a beginner reader in your home and are looking for some excellent Bible stories to share with your child, I highly suggest you look into the God Loves Us Collection, published by Zonderkidz.
This God Loves Us Collection is a set of six books, with the stories taken from the popular Beginner's Bible. The books come in a sturdy carrying case with Velcro closure where children can easily remove and replace the books.
The books include popular Bible stories with four books from the Old Testament, as well as two books about Jesus. Each book can also be purchased separately. The "My First" level books included are Jesus Saves the World, Jesus and His Friends, Baby Moses and the Princess, Queen Esther Helps God's People, Daniel and the Lions, and Jonah and the Big Fish. Jesus Saves the World (I Can Read!™ / Beginner's Bible®, The)Jesus and His Friends (I Can Read! / Beginner's Bible, The)Baby Moses and the PrincessQueen Esther Helps God's People: Formerly titled Esther and the KingDaniel and the Lions (I Can Read! / Beginner's Bible, The)Jonah and the Big Fish
What I like: Everything!
These books are perfect for early readers! They tell each story well, although they leave out some of the details to keep the story simple so that an early reader can understand all that they are reading. I really like each of these books and the simple retelling of God's Word. From my experience teaching early readers in my first grade classroom, I think the books each balance simplicity and challenge to engage the reader to enjoy these books and learn. The font is also large, which helps children read easier. The illustrations are like what you see in The Beginner's Bible, if you are familiar with it.
I also like how these books were packaged. My kids love books with handles, and this box has a sturdy handle. The books are not a tight fit, so children can easily put the books in by themselves.
The God Loves Us Collection was provided to me for review purposes, but I do think it is worth the money. Each individual book is also good!
What I didn't like: Nothing! This is a great collection of books! However, the cover of the carrying case does not reflect any of the books' content. It shows when Jesus entered Jerusalem at Passover with people waving Palm branches. None of the books actually mention Jesus' triumphal entry.
I do want to point out that in the book Queen Esther Helps God's People, the word "hate" is used. It says, "Haman hated Jewish people." I know some families are sensitive to that word.
Thank you, Zonderkidz for providing me with my own collection for review purposes.


Ticia said...

Now I know what box of books you got, awesome set to get. I've seen it in the bookstores recently and have almost bought it several times.

Carrie said...

I'm curious to know your objections surrounding the use of the word "hate" here. It's true that it's a strong word, but it's also accurate in this case. Just curious.

Otherwise, it sounds like you find these books absolutely fantastic!

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