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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Children's Reading Programs

Summer.'s coming!  As a kid, to me summer meant many things.  But one thing I never participated in was a summer reading program.  Oh, I read!  I loved to read as a child.  But I didn't live near a library (20 minutes this day there is no public library in the school district where I grew up.)  I still found plenty of books to read in my home though.

Summer reading programs are all over these days!  Most public libraries have some sort of an incentive (often a book) for participants.  Barnes and Noble even has a reading program where kids just need to read 8 books and they earn a free book.  If you live near one, you may want to check it out with your child!

I'm curious...For those of you who are parents to a pre-reader, do you participate in programs like these?  My kids already love books.  They both love for me to read to them, and they don't need to be "motivated" to read with a special reward.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Christy said...

We have participated in programs like this, but it's not really any more motivation. My kids LOVE books and if they can get another book just for tracking what they are already reading, that makes all of us happy.

MamaGames said...

I used to avoid these programs because I didn't want my kids to adopt a must-be-bribed-to-read attitude either... we already love books around here, of course.

A few years ago, though, my friend told me that she always participates in these programs (whether at libraries or bookstores) because most of them are dependent on one year's participation for the next year's funding, and there are plenty of kids and families that really NEED this type of program. So by participating and also by accepting our little (usually donated) rewards of posters or books, we are helping to increase the numbers and keep the program alive for the kids it benefits most. Makes sense to me! :)

Carrie said...

I haven't looked around town yet to see what is offered. We don't have a B&N (instead we have a Borders) and I don't know who else might be involved in something like this. Well. I'm sure the library is doing something. =D

Last year I made an attempt to be involved in the reading program but I think we were too young to "get" it. Maybe this year?

Ticia said...

We participate, and usually it's more of me remembering after the fact to fill in what they've read. And it's always amazing to me how much we read.

Miller Moments said...

We have participated twice and they are fun. My son loves to pick out a book from the book box when we achieve our reading goal.

Kelly said...

I think reading programs can be a real asset to a community. I know of an author, Angelica Harris, who is a domestic abuse survivor who has a children's reading program in Queens, NY, called the Excalibur Reading Room. If you live in the area, check out her website.

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