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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Is Upon Us!

It's December 1st!  That means today I will bring out our Christmas Advent book (linked to my thoughts), our manger, and our brand-new, just completed last night Jesse Tree (linked to post).

Not only that, but I've been inspired to bring out one Christmas book each day to read to our children.  This will be a mix of Christ-centered and secular Christmas books.  I can't wait!  Quite honestly, I was shocked at how many books we actually have!  We also have several Christmas book reviews coming soon!  Carrie, at Reading to Know and Amy, at Hope is the Word shared the idea to wrap a book each day.  Hehe!  What fun!

This coming weekend we'll decorate our tree and maybe around the house a bit!  I am so excited!


Carrie said...

Christmas is so fun.

We're going to start our reading when Daddy leaves for work. I'm short ONE day (trying to wrap 2 books per day so that each boy gets to open one....once we have more children this is not going to work!) but I have a winter-y book I can throw in the mix at the end if necessary. It's fun to really see what we have in the Christmas book department, isn't it? Have fun!

OH yeah - btw, re: your comment on Tumtum & Nutmeg. The stories were originally published individually which is why, I think, Jen's copy was only 98 pages (or however many) long. The new titles are compilations with all the stories combined together. Which I'm glad that they did!

"FAITH" said...

We pulled our Calender out too. Even though the boys are both in middle school now, They both still take turns in moving the manger characters (our calender is a Nativity scene and every day you add a piece to the Nativity) to their place. I just love this time of year.

Jenny said...

Yay! You did it. I just read your other post about it, too. It turned out beautiful, and I'm envious. We don't even have our decorations out of the attic yet. :(

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