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Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Gift Idea for Teachers...

As a former teacher, I collected lots of gifts at Christmas-time and the end of the school year.  I was always thankful for them!  I also only taught for eight years.  Some teachers (especially ones with long careers) may not need another mug or Christmas ornament, but I can still tell you who gave me which ornaments.  (I also wrote on some of them to help me remember...)

If you are looking for an elementary teacher gift, you cannot go wrong with books.  Gift certificates to book stores or Amazon would also be appreciated.  If you know they drink coffee, then Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts would be appropriate.

My all time favorite gifts were of personalized stationary.  One year I was given some notepads with my name on them...perfect for sending notes home or to the school office!  Another year I was given a stationary paper set with my name.  I loved them both so much.
12 Personalized Note Cards
Photo from Plum Paper

This year, I decided to give M's preschool teacher personalized note cards.  I purchased them through Plum Paper's etsy shop, and just love how they turned out!  I chose to go with a repetitive flower design (similar to the one above).  Other shops might have teacher-y designs, but I wanted Mrs. S. to be able to use the cards for personal use, if that is what she desired.  I got my cards in just 5 or 6 business days, so if you are still thinking about a teacher gift, you have time!  I would definitely recommend Plum Paper!

I was given several unique gifts during my teaching was a giant dancing snowman that also sang.  It responded to movement.  The students loved him, but I never, ever would have bought him myself, but what a  huge hit!  Another was a Christmas sweatshirt.  It was cute, but it was not a gift I would expect to get from a student.  One girl gave me coasters with drawings of Korean life portrayed.  Diane was from Korea (and lived with her uncle here), so they were perfect and fully unique.  (I still have them, too!)     Oh, the chocolate chip cookie pie that I love was first given to me by a student!

More than anything, as a teacher I appreciated the heart-felt words of a parent.  When I taught junior high, some students even wrote their own notes.  "Thank you" goes a long way for a teacher.  Tucked away, I have those notes from parents and students.

Disclaimer:  These cards were not for review...I just wanted to share.


Christy said...

I like to give stationary to teachers too. Great gift idea. This year I am giving gift cards to a local cafe that opened over the summer. I figured it would be something anyone could enjoy (they have coffee, pastries, and serve lunch) and we are supporting a local business at the same time. I taught 8th grade for a few years and still have some ornaments students made for me!! I have to admit that I never ate a single food gift though - they were eighth graders!!!!

Carrie said...

I love personalized stationary also. It's just FUN (and very useful!)

Anonymous said...

As a teacher, the gifts I have appreciated the most are heart-felt letters from parents telling me the effects I have had on their children, with a note written to say they sent a copy of the letter to my principal. I plan to do this for my children's teachers (along with a nice gift card, too...). :)

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  • Homemade Magic Shell - I remember having Magic Shell once as a child. The chocolate syrup drizzled over my ice cream magically turned crispy hard. Mmm... Please note: If you are ...

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