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Friday, December 3, 2010

Two Good Books

Recently I received two books in the mail from B&H Publishers.  I had not requested these specific books, and I wasn't sure what to expect.  I was quite riveted to both books, which came as a bit of a surprise.

The SnowflakeThe Snowflake takes place in Alaska in 1897.  The cold during the gold rush is not stopping Ellen Pierce's brother from making the trip with Ellen at his side.  Even when unexpected loss comes, Ellen perseveres.

Buck Lewis heads the expedition as he tries to leave behind his own past, but eventually realizes that he cares deeply for Ellen.

The first half of the book made the label "Christian Romance" seem unwarranted, though I saw into the book enough to predict a bit.  The first half seemed more of an adventure!   I appreciated how The Snowflake by Jamie Carie painted a realistic picture of depression and did not make the position of a "dancing girl" out to be awful, though I'm sure not all dancing girls had Ellen's same goals.  As a dancing girl, Ellen used her position to pray for the men she danced with.  She also agreed to take the position if her boss (and friend) would read the Bible with her.

This was my first look at the Alaskan gold rush, and I would have liked to have read even more details about it in this book.  As a novella, with well-developed characters, that wasn't really possible though I definitely learned from this book.

The relationship between Ellen and her brother was awful.  Full of manipulation, it really showed Ellen's strength and courage.  This was a good book, and a short read even if predictable.  It definitely held my interest and I would recommend it to others.

FaceliftThe big surprise for me was truly enjoying the book Facelift by Leanna Ellis.  The title alone had me thinking it was the epitomy of chick-lit, even if Christian.  I have read Ellis and liked her before...and I liked this book, too!  Instead, this book was full of depth, meaning, and fabulous writing.  Though it probably is a good example of "chick-lit," it is not meaningless and full of vanity.  I was pleased that the main character, Kaye, was actually fully against plastic surgery for the purpose of looking younger.  Yet Kaye took in her ex-mother-in-law after a not-so-good facelift.  Of course, she did have ulterior motives-she wanted to win her ex-husband's love once again.  Actually, I was annoyed with many of Kaye's choices throughout the book as she was trying to get back with her ex.  However, on the whole, I liked the book, especially the character of Kaye's daughter, Izzie.

Either of these books are great for a lighthearted read!
Thank you, B&H Publishing Group for sending these books for my enjoyment and review purposes!


Carrie said...

Having been scouring the Christmas book racks, I'm so glad to see your review of these. I had seen Facelift (did not realize it was a Christmas title) but had not seen The Snowflake. (Love the cover art on that one especially!) Thanks for the heads up!

Renee said...

Great review! Wishing you all a wonderful week.

Miller Moments said...

I love your book reviews, mainly because I love how passionate you are about books. As Anne would say (from Green Gables): You are my kindred spirit.

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