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Friday, December 17, 2010

Dewey's Christmas at the Library

If your children like cats, Christmas, and your local library, this book is for them!  
Dewey's Christmas at the Library

Dewey's Christmas at the Library (like all of the Dewey children's books) is based on the real-life Dewey and his adventures with (former librarian, now author) Vicki Myron at the Spencer, Iowa Public Library.

In Dewey's first Christmas adventure, he is totally mesmerized by the library's Christmas tree and a skinny red "mouse" that tackled him.  This "mouse" was really a ball of yarn, and boy does it make my children giggle!

Dewey plays with the ball of yarn long after closing time, and Vicki, the librarian loves how he decorates the tree with it!  They even first place in the tree decorating contest, thanks to Dewey!

Personally, I love this peek into Dewey's Christmas at the Library.  More than that, I appreciated my 4 year old's squeals of delight every time we read this book!  

Thank you, Hachette Books for providing me with this book for review purposes!


Carrie said...

Oh, that one sounds cute! Thanks for telling us about it. Hadn't seen it.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

This book is so cute. I love Dewey's tree.

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