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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

For Dinosaur Lovers Everywhere

I never knew little girls, unprompted, could fall in love with dinosaurs.  However, my four year old daughter and two year old son are both fascinated with these large and small creatures that lived long ago.

We have several dinosaur books.  The classic Danny and the Dinosaur is a frequent request (and some day I want a newer copy so that I can protect my vintage copy).  We like the Lift-the-Flap Dinosaurs for some basic facts and of course, flaps.  We have two Christian-based dinosaur books.  (Basically, these talk of dinosaurs living at the same time as people and NOT billions of years ago.)  D Is For Dinosaur is a fabulous rhyming book about Creation.  Though Dinosaurs of Eden is for much older children, we keep it out with our books and occasionally look at the pictures.  Hmm.  I said my daughter likes dinosaurs unpromted, but maybe we do encourage it a bit with all those books, huh?  Well, let me tell you about the newest book that is totally fascinating to my kids.  It's How to Raise a Dinosaur!
How to Raise a Dinosaur
Just look at that book cover!  The cover jacket acts as wooden crate.  See that eyeball looking out?  Well, there is actually a hole in the book jacket, and you are looking at the dinosaur's eye from the actual cover (in the hardback edition).  What a fabulous way to begin a book-such mystery!

This book is basically an amusing how-to guide.  Natasha Wing wrote a funny book, and Pablo Bernasconi illustrated it perfectly!  You know, for those who are considering getting a pet.  It goes on to explain that dinosaurs make great pets, but there are some important things that one should know.  The reader is challenged to think about size, accessories (leash!), and a name.  Dinosaurs need to be fed 10 times a day, and walked 5 times a day!  WOW!  Did you know that?  I certainly didn't!  They need toys, and you'll need to pick up poop.  (The book shows a tractor with a bucket!)  Of course that makes my 4 year old laugh!

I really thought this was a amusing and clever book.  I appreciate the cut-out teeth marks.  (My daughter did, too, after I pointed them out.)  It has flaps to lift, and bright colorful illustrations.  I like the large font that was used, too.  Though this is a picture book, readers would also love reading it by themselves (and is appropriate for ages 4-8).  My children both love this book!  My son actually said the word "dinosaur" for the first time while reading this book, though it wasn't his first reference to dinosaurs.  (He likes to "roar.")

I would definitely recommend How to Raise a Dinosaur for dinosaur lovers out there!  It's too big for a stocking, but would fit perfectly under the Christmas tree.  Just be careful-the book doesn't actually tell children that dinosaurs are extinct...hehe!

Thank you, Running Press Book Publishers for a review copy.  


Ticia said...

WE loved it too.

Carrie said...

My boys JUST noticed dinosaurs recently. (I was wondering how long this would take!) My mom is doing a dinosaur-themed gift for them this Christmas. This book looks cute and fun! I hadn't seen it, so thanks for pointing it out.

Dinosaur removable wall decals said...

Thanks for sharing, my boys and my nephews does love Dinosaur's too.

Dorie said...

I dare say this would be a great book for my youngest, though the oldest would get a kick out of it, I am sure.

Natasha Wing said...

Thanks for sharing my book with your viewers! It's definitely one of those must see inside books, don't you agree? The textures of the illustrations of the dinosaurs are wonderful - and so brilliantly colorful. I hope Pablo Bernasconi illustrates another book of mine. Enjoy, dinosaur lovers!

Psst. Also makes a good talk starter for kids about to get a pet -the responsibilities of caring for a dog, etc.

Richelle said...

That looks like a fun book. My 4 year old loves dinosaurs, too.

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