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Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Preparations

The past week has been so full of Christmas activities!
We made a gingerbread house.  Later that day we saw Santa and Mrs. Claus.
 We trimmed our tree.  M was thrilled to know that some of the ornaments were hers.  E will gain that appreciation at a later date, I hope.

This is our sofa table with our Jesse Tree and advent calendar.  I am so happy with both!  I highly recommend this particular advent calendar to tell the story leading up to Jesus' birth.  It is full of Scripture!  (Ir uses the Bible almost exclusively.)
 On our coffee table (that we keep against the wall) we have our Christmas books and our Little People nativity. 
 We (both my 2 and 4 year olds were able to do it) also made these neat paper ornaments.  Though they are made of paper, they are about 1 centimeter thick.  I will share later how we made them in a different post.  It's pretty neat.
Yes, that is a headless rocking horse behind that little tree.  On purpose...even though I have 30 other rocking horses.

Despite all this, we still have pumpkins on our front steps.  Oops.  Anyone else in that same boat?


Miller Moments said...

It all looks so fun and beautiful!

Shonda said...

Beautiful pictures! We still have a pumpkin in our hallway!

Ticia said...

Jeff was very insistent the pumpkins had to go so he wouldn't have to throw out rotting ones. Can't blame him.

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

This is a lovely post. I can not wait to find out how you made those ornaments! They look like just the thing for us. :)

Your gingerbread house puts ours to shame. Did your children actually help with it? It is perfect and beautiful!

And, yes, we still have a pumpkin. It was on our front stoop, but rolled off into our front yard, and is now under a foot (and still counting) of snow!

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