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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dark Pursuit (Book Review)

WOW!  Dark Pursuit by Brandilyn Collins was a fabulous book.  Though it's been several years since I've read one of Brandilyn's books, but the suspense is always good!

Dark PursuitDark Pursuit brings world famous King of Suspense Darell Brooke's granddaughter back into his life.  Darell's estranged granddaughter, Kaitlan, finds a body in her apartment, and she knows it's her boyfriend who killed the woman-and he is a policeman.  Kaitlan turns to her grandfather in hopes that he will not turn her away AND offer her the help she needs to prove her boyfriend is guilty.  The problem is Darell was in an accident that left his mind and body slow and hasn't written a book in years.  Kaitlan doesn't know if Darell is capable of creating a cunning plan to help her or what his motivation would be.  This was an excellent book with a fabulous ending.

What I liked: Everything!  I definitely recommend reading this if you like suspense!
What I disliked: Nothing!

Thank you Zondervan for providing me a copy to review.


Karla said...

This book sounds wonderful- full of suspense and a real page turner.

Karla said...

This book sounds like a wonderful suspense story- a real page turner. Would love to win it!

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