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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Answers...and a Birthday

Well, it's my birthday today!  As a child I always enjoyed having a birthday so close to the Independence Day weekend.  Also, I have a really cool birth date.  7-6-76.  You can do the math.  :)

Late last week, I wondered if there were any questions readers might have for me.  There were a few...

Ticia said-Hmmmm....... what to ask you......... Favorite book or type of book to read?
I love to read, as you know!  My all-time favorite book is probably To Kill a Mockingbird.  In high school (for me that means 7th-12th grades) my homeroom was in an English teacher's classroom.  Mrs. Batch had lots of copies of it, and I'm pretty sure that every year I read it to pass time when my homework was complete.  After college I was in a bookstore, and saw a copy.  Immediately, I missed my annual reading, and bought the copy.  I've only read it a few times since then, but I always enjoy it.  

My favorite type of book to read is either clean suspense or children's books (chapter books).  I can't get enough of either, and if anyone has recommendations, I love to read new authors!

Favorite movie? And July is a WONDERFUL month to be born in.  I agree!
My favorite movie is likely Return to Me.  Another favorite is While You Were Sleeping.  Yes, they are both romantic comedies.  There's nothing wrong with older movies, but it wouldn't hurt me to see some newer movies, too, so if you have some recommendations, please tell!  I also like suspense (not horror) movies quite a bit.  (And yes, I do like the movie version of To Kill a Mockingbird with Gregory Peck.

Carrie said-Oh! I LOVE birthdays. =D 
Let's see...

If you haven't shared this information already around these parts - when did you become a Christian?
I didn't grow up in a Christian home, but in high school I went to youth group with a friend.  I saved my money (from babysitting) and sent myself to the Christian camp that some teens from the youth group were going to attend.  I became a Christian there, but it was probably my last year of college and the summer after college that I really started growing in my faith and letting God be the Lord of my life, though I am still learning so much!

And what is your absolute, hands-down favorite aspect of parenting?
I love the giggles and especially when my two children are making each other giggle or when my husband makes them laugh hysterically.  After seeing my children at such tender ages in the ICU (separate issues), I know that every day is a blessing, but I love the laughs that happen when we have fun together!  The quieter cuddling moments are awfully special, too!

And why do you like Monk? ;) 
Carrie is referring to the television show, Monk.  We, unashamedly, own every season of it on DVD.  

For those of you who don't know, Monk is a tv show that aired on USA for eight seasons.  Adrian Monk is a former San Fransisco police detective.  After his wife died, his obsessive compulsive behavior stopped him from doing his job, so he is now a consultant with the police force.  

Monk is fun and quirky.  Some might find it annoying, but we are totally amused by all of his OCD behaviors.  Every episode is a mystery with some comic relief thrown in.  Tony Shalhoub plays the part perfectly.  Probably the biggest reason I like it is because I can appreciate his OCD tendencies (though I am not a perfectionist) while laughing at them.  (Remember him from Wings?  We enjoy that show too!)  So it's the combination of suspense, quirkiness, comedy, and it's a show that Derek and I watch together.  And for a detective show, it leaves the blood and gore to the other shows.

If you have never watched Monk you can watch full episodes here for free.  Amazon is offering most seasons at a good price, too, if you are interested.  (I do not recommend the books though.  I started one on audio, and had to force myself to finish it.) 
So there you have it!  A bit more about me!  


Jenny said...

Bummer - I missed "Questions" day (and I can't get to my blog links on my phone except if it happens to be the top two on my dashboard). Happy Birthday!!! I didn't realize you were so old...okay, I'm just kidding - you're actually one year younger than me! I love those movies. Have you seen The Notebook? How about How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days? Win a Date with Tad Hamilton? Those are 3 of my favorite movies. Happy birthday, again!!!

Carrie said...

First off -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have a fabulous day today!!

Good to know about the Monk books. I was feeling rather tempted (to help me get over the tv withdraws) but I think I'll skip them and just enjoy the show when we go through the series again. ;D (Which we have ever intention of doing, btw!)

I enjoyed learning more about you and your family.

And here's where I admit to you that I've never read To Kill a Mockingbird. BUT! Wait! Wait! Amy at Hope is in the Word is hosting a TKAM challenge during the month of August and I was planning on rectifying the situation at that time. Promise. =D

Everyday Mom Ideas said...

Thank you so much for stopping by and trying to link up your fabulous recipe! I went ahead and fixed the problem. I hope you stop by and try linking up again. I'm so sorry for the inconvenience. -Julia

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