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Friday, November 19, 2010

Good Morning, Beautiful

A while back I got the book Good Morning, Beautiful: Winning the Battle Over Seizures.  It was an incredibly emotional book, but more importantly, it shared the story of how one child, Christina overcame not only epilepsy, but also autism.  Christina's advocate and mother, Paulette George, tells an incredible story that had me bawling at times.

Good Morning Beautiful : Winning the battle over seizuresI don't think the reader needs to have any experience with seizures or life-threatening problems to appreciate this book.  However, this book is an excellent testimony for the Ketogenic Diet, a special form of treatment for epilepsy.  (Our son has been successful just using anti-seizure meds.)  Good Morning, Beautiful gives hope when it seems like there is no hope.  As I read it, I was so thankful for my son's health and how normal he is (with a three hour seizure, we're thankful there is no evidence of brain damage).

Many families find triumph over a variety of issues.  Christina's family fought a long hard battle with epilepsy.  Paulette George wrote a powerful book that shows God's providence through all of it.

I highly recommend this book, but know that it is an emotional read-at times I wanted to stop, but just couldn't!  I was, at times, distracted by typographical errors, but the book still shines forth!

This book was not provided by the publisher.

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