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Monday, November 1, 2010

A Christmas Prayer (Review)

(Yes, this is a Christmas post!  It is November, and it's time for me to prepare!)

Wow.  I opened the box and wanted to read A Christmas Prayer immediately!  With some self-control we waited until after lunch to read it...and we were not disappointed!

A Christmas Prayer A Christmas Prayer , by Amy Parker is a prayer to God thanking Him for the precious gifts of Christmas.  The blessing specifically spoken of in this book are Gabriel, Mary, Joseph, donkey, shepherds, the star, and of course, the perfect Christmas gift, Jesus!  This is a padded board book, and approximately 8x8 inches.  The prayer is actually a poem, and is quite delightful.  The second stanza:

"So this, my Christmas prayer,
Is not for toys and dolls-
It's thanking You for Christmas gifts
You've given to us all."

The reading was special, and the illustrations cute-almost fluffy and dream- like (probably pastels), though I must share they don't seem to grab my children's interest the way some bolder illustrations do.

This year when we take out our children's nativity set, I think we will read this for a special reminder that yes, we are greatly blessed, and we need to thank our God for each of our blessings, but especially that Jesus came to earth to save us!

If you don't have a children's nativity, I highly suggest it!  I was amazed at how well my daughter was able to share the birth of Jesus last year by using our children's nativity.  Maybe you want a Little People Nativity, or the cheaper Playmobil Nativity Set, or maybe you are the creative type.  If you are, you might want to make your own nativity from felt.  Dollar stores often have the pieces of the nativity, too!  This year, I am hoping to make one from wood, as well as the felt nativity.  We'll have to wait to see what the reality is because I truly don't think I would have time to sew the nativity.

Thank you, Thomas Nelson, for providing this book for review purposes!


Ticia said...

you have to set your links to open in new window girl, if I can't right click to do that, than every time I click on a link it takes me away from your site and I get all distracted by the shiny patterns.

I got lucky and found a really cute stuffed nativity at Hobby Lobby one year. Only problem being the kids confiscated all the animals and they're spread all over the house. Still. From Christmas last year.

Carrie said...

Great sounding book! I'm soooo glad Christmas is right around the corner! YAY for November 1st and the "official" permission (in my mind anyway) to start talking about Christmas outloud. ;)

We have the Little People Nativity set and LOVE it! We do our advent lessons with it and it provides a great way to involve the kids and let them play while learning about the Christmas story.

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