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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

For the Tweens...

For the 9-12 year old girl in your life, you might be thinking about a devotional for her.  That is So Me: Flip-Flops, Faith, and Friends by Nancy Rue is a 365 day devotional that elaborates upon Scripture and brings God's Word close to a girls heart with a lot of opportunity for life application.

That Is SO Me: 365 Days of Devotions: Flip-Flops, Faith, and Friends (Faithgirlz!)Many questions are asked throughout each devotional in a conversation style.  Nancy Rue speaks in a "young" voice, that most tweens would likely enjoy.  In addition to an introductory Bible verse, Rue discusses many issues that girls face in their daily lives, and how we can respond in a godly manner.  Each day's devotional ends with an activity.

Each week begins with a theme, verse, and short devotional.  Each day of the week includes a verse or two, several paragraphs relating the verses to the girl's life.  It ends with a section called "Do That Little Thing."  (Yes, that is eight entries per week, but the introduction is very short.)

Each day's "thing" is different.  Sunday is a quiz, where the girl answers the question based on how it relates to her (not right or wrong answers).  Monday is "Find Out" by asking a grown up who loves God help to figure something out.  Tuesday is the day to "Just Think" and it gives something to think about.  Wednesday is a good prayer day with "God? Can We Talk?" as it suggests things to discuss with God.  Thursday is the day to "Listen Up" and listen for God's prompting.  Friday offers a challenge with "You Can So Do This" as it suggests the reader to take action.  Saturday ends the week's theme with another challenge to "Shout Out" and share with others what God taught you during the week.

Much of the "Do That Little Thing" could be almost ignored though it's the "meat" and application of this devotional.  Because of that, I think two sisters, two friends, or especially a mother and daughter reading That is So Me together would most beneficial for some girls.  (It would have been a good idea for me!!  Accountability is huge!)

That is So Me is a neat devotional for the 9-12 age range.  I do want to share that I did not read the entire devotional, but I have read several weeks' worth.  This devotional is a bit more relational than actual Bible teaching, though each day's reading brings the  Scripture to the reader.

What I Like: I think Nancy Rue knows this age group well, and it shows in her writing.  As stated, it is a bit like a conversation, so it will feel like the reading a letter from a friend.  The various suggestions in the "Do That Little Thing" can really make a girl take her faith to the next level.  I also like that this devotional lasts for a full year.

What I Dislike:  I think additional suggested daily Bible reading would beef it up for girls who are already strong in their faith and continuing to grow.  Some of the Bible explanation is a bit too watered-down, but most explains the Bible well.  Overall, it seems good though.

Thank you, Zonderkidz for providing me with an ARC for review purposes.

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