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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Favorite Kitchen Items

Over the years, I have been given many kitchen gadgets that I use and love.  I thought I'd share my favorites in case you want to think about your Christmas list or someone else's.

1 ounce/teaspoon/tablespoon liquid measure I use this all the time!  A lot of my recipes seem to call for 1 or 2 tablespoons of oil, milk, or water and this little "shot glass" is so helpful to keep those liquids accurate.
Dezine Mini-Measuring Glasses, Ounce Size, Set of 3

Kitchen Aid I haven't used my hand mixer since getting it years ago!
KitchenAid K45SS Classic 250-Watt 4-1/2-Quart Stand Mixer, White
Kitchen Aid Fruit Strainer (applesauce maker!) This is how I make my applesauce now.  It takes much longer to cook the apples than to strain them!  Please note that the food grinder is also needed to use this product though.  You can buy the strainer and grinder together, too.
KitchenAid FVSP Fruit and Vegetable Strainer Parts for Food Grinder
Kitchen Conversion Calculator (mine is a bit different)  This is perfect for doubling and halving recipes simply.  You can also convert from tablespoons to cups to quarts to teaspoons as needed!  Though I know there are two cups in a pint and many other conversions, this is still really helpful!  This can also be used as a regular calculator.
Calculated Industries KitchenCalc 8300 Recipe Calculator with Digital Timer

Measuring Spoons with "odd" measurements (mine set is a bit different)  I really like having a 1/2 tablespoon measurement as well as a 1/8 teaspoon.
Oxo Good Grips Soft 6-Piece Measuring Spoon Set, Black
Pampered Chef Scraper I actually have two of these "original" scrapers, and I use them many times a week, and sometimes wish I had a third!  (I have had other scrapers, but these are much better, and longer lasting!)

Pampered Chef Mini-Serving Spatula (I want the large one!) This is perfect for cutting brownies and removing cookies from a cookie sheet.

Medicine cork (It allows you to draw up medication into an oral syringe directly from the bottle.)  If you know anyone who draws up small amounts of liquid medication daily for oral use you might suggest something like this that can be found at any pharmacy.   (And yes, if it clutters my kitchen counter, it's a kitchen gadget!)

Parchment Paper I really like using parchment paper when I make a batch of cookies.  I'd like to get the Silpat mats though to try.  Anyone out there recommend them or not?

My favorite three of these items are the shot glass ounce cup, the Pampered Chef scraper, and the kitchen calculator.

What is your favorite kitchen helper that you recommend?  


Ticia said...

hmmm....... I"ll have to think a little on that, I'm not sure.

But, those shot glasses are pretty cool.

Dorie said...

What neat gadgets! Sometimes I feel like my kitchen utensils and tools are from the dark ages, lol. One 'modern' tool I really like is a Pampered Chef mixing bowl with the pour spout, handle, and plastic lid. That and my peeler from Cutco. Both have surived years of abuse, I mean use, and still function like brand new.

Miller Moments said...

I love the idea of the conversion calculator!!

"FAITH" said...

All great kitchen tools. I too have the Pampered Chef bowl that Dorie mentioned. Also the PC spatulas. The PC stones I just love as well There's just to many more things to mention. I think I need to have another PC party. : )

Eddel29 said...

i love those kitchen tools/gagdets.

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