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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Giving to Others

Our church has participated in a really neat giving opportunity for several years now with Operation Christmas Child.  I really like it because it gets my own children (well, my 4 year old) involved in a special ministry.

 This shoe box will be opened by some child, some where in the world.  It may be the first Christmas gift-or any gift- that they will ever receive.  My daughter and I went shopping to fill our shoe box.  We stuffed the box full of practical things like toiletries.  Of course we added some fun stuff like a coloring book and crayons.  We included some other toys, including party blowers.  (What child doesn't love noise!?)  After placing everything in the box there was just a little bit of room left, so we added snack bags.  It will be a nice treat for them, and keeps the contents from moving too much.
Before the box reaches the child who will get it, a Gospel tract will be placed in the box-in the child's own language!

And all of this helps my daughter understand better what God expects from us.

Matthew 10:8 ....Freely you have received; freely give.


Christy said...

We are doing this for the first time this year. All three of my kids really enjoyed filling boxes.

Dorie said...

We are almost ready to take ours over to the church. We still need to get pencil sharpeners for the pencils :-) I love this opportunity to teach the children to give to others.
Beautiful verse from Matthew!

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