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Friday, September 3, 2010

Three Year Old + Scissors=UGH

Our spare bedroom serves many purposes: exercise, desktop computer, crafting, sewing, guest bedroom.  It also lets me be lazy.  Sometimes (almost always) I have the bed covered in a "project."  Sometimes I do not put away my tools properly.  We have a childproof door knob, and we keep the door closed most of the time.  It shouldn't be a problem, right?

Well, we all know that a pair of scissors left less than five feet off the floor will cause trouble.

Here's a glimpse of my newest sewing project.  It is going to be a patchwork purse for my older sister.  She has such unique taste that I asked her to pick out the fabric for me.  She chose a pirate print for the inside!

Here's a closer look.  Amazingly, I can actually just tear out that ruined strip of fabric, cut and sew a new one, and continue the project.  But this setback along with MY own setbacks (seam ripping, bobbin issues, procrastination), means that this is a very discouraging project!

For the record, I do know that this post could have an alternate title of "Mom's Laziness+3 Year Old=UGH."

When I went to iron this bit of the project, I found it as you see it.  I went directly to M's room, where she had just been tucked in, and asked her if she knew who did it.  She was truthful.  I was curious when it happened, but knew it could have been any time in the last few weeks.  I asked if I was sleeping when it happened (meaning in the morning), and she said no, I was downstairs.  That means she did it during nap time or after bed time.


Rachel said...

Oh, that's a shame. :( I am glad you can salvage it though! Yes, we've also learned the hard way about leaving things like "within reach" of little ones. It's very easy to forget those things...especially if, as in this case, it seemed safe because it was your craft room. But, as I said, I'm so glad you can at least just take that piece out and redo it.

I understand about not wanting to work on it. ;) I have this apron that I made and it needs re-sizing as the top part came out waaaay too big. :( I've been procrastinating on that project. ;) It also needs a binding when I'm finished re-sizing...not looking forward to that exactly. So...there it sits on my work table...unfinished. :) Lol!


Christy said...

Oh no. I hope it doesn't set you back too much. I guess it's good she didn't just cut all the way across all of the fabrics!!!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Oh no! But, at least it wasn't any worse :)

Ticia said...

Ugh. And double ugh. I've had that happen and it can be so frustrating

Michelle said...

Oh no :( how frustrating. I can't wait to see the finished product though!

Infant Bibliophile said...

Oh, heartbreaking! I'm so glad that it is fairly easily fixed. I was going to suggest that you make her watch while you pick it out and sew it back together, but she'd probably love that, so it wouldn't be much of a deterrent.

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