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Monday, September 27, 2010

Name Pillows

This past week was very full for me.  You might remember that I had fabric letters cut.  Well, this is the final result!  Two name pillows!  They were gifts for two friends who shared a birthday party on Saturday.  They girls loved the pillows which made all the hard work worth it!

I think they are supposed to be pretty simple to make, but anything related to the sewing machine is complicated for me.  But really, if you can sew a semi-straight line, you can make this.

If you are interested in a really well explained pattern to make these, it is from You Can Make This.  You can also see my initial review here.


Ticia said...

But the more you practice the simpler it gets. They turned out cute.

Infant Bibliophile said...

These are beautiful! What little girl (or boy) wouldn't love them?

Shonda said...

Very cute pillows! I need to start sewing again! I'm glad you liked my praying for your husband series and glad that I found a way to add the pdf to my post.

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