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Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Was Wrong...And It Is Bad

You might remember how I showed strips of fabric that I was trying to make into a patchwork purse for my sister.  My little girl had cut it.  Oh yeah.  Though frustrated, I was very thankful that the damage was minimal and would be easy to fix.  See here.

Well, last night after the children were to bed, and Derek was doing his schoolwork, I went up to work on the purse.
What I found shocked me.  

Now, before you think that M had returned to the spare room and found the scissors again, let me assure you that I am certain THIS horrible mess happened at the same time as the last one.

This time, I am thankful that it was not a finished or semi-finished purse or my stack of new fabric that was also on the bed.  Last night I spent a couple hours taking apart the patchwork squares.  Notice that eight of them had to be removed.  Soon (maybe) I will replace them.  And I hope this is the last post about the purse until it is completed!

Now I am thankful that I have fully lost the motivation to work on this.  Amy's birthday is in October.  Let's hope it's done in time!  (In addition to the lesson of keeping scissors away from  my fabric, I also learned that I do not like patchwork.  I am not skilled enough to make the lines match well.)

(And if you don't believe me that it was 8 blocks, please just trust me!)


Ticia said...

Bummer pictures aren't showing up.

Ticia said...

Okay, it's horrible with the picutres showing. I'm so lucky my kids have never done that to any of my projects. Just their hair and clothes so far.

Oh, the boys did slowly destroy the border we had put up in their room. That was not so fun.

Christy said...

I can see the pictures.

That is too bad. I hope you finish it on time.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Yikes! I guess at least she didn't get your bedspread :)

Rachel said...

Oh dear! :( I am sooo sorry...I know how frustrating must be! :( But, I am glad, as you are, that it was NOT the completed purse! And that you can still salvage it and fix it. :)

Keep it up...I am sure you can do it and finish it and it will look fantastic when you are done! :D

Blessings in Christ!
Love and Hugs!

Miller Moments said...

I'm so sorry! :(

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