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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stitched Card

I made this card in the spring when our good friends moved to a new house. It was inspired by Marie at Make and Takes. She is yet another great source for inspiration and has many stitched cards designs available and a good tutorial. This little house was my own design though. One thing I learned was that next time I design my own stitched card, graph paper would be very helpful! Recently some people we care about have moved. I'm not sure if I will manage to make another stitched card or if my Cricut will help me. I still wanted to share this though!
These are pretty simple to make. To make the template was pretty simple. I first sketched the house. Then I used a push pin to put holes in the template. I used the cork on the back of a trivet to protect my kitchen table.
Next I placed the template on cut cardstock and pushed all the way through the cardstock. Then I used all six strands of embroidery floss to create the card using the back stitch. Just don't tie knots or you will have bumps where you don't want them! I just used the needle to thread the floss back through some of the stitches on the back side of the card.
You will want an accent color, too. It will give you added assurance that the backside of your card won't show through! Marie recommends spray adhesive. Since I didn't have any, I just used what I had on hand from my scrapbooking supplies.
(And I will apologize now for the crooked picture!)


Rachel said...

Oh, how creative Annette! :D It looks fabulous! I have made a few of those cards from Make and Takes too, and they are so much fun! I haven't tried doing my own patterns yet though, don't know why I didn't think of that. :) I will have to try your pattern out too! It could be used for so many things! :D


Christy said...

I love that!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

It looks great - I love it!

Eva said...

neat! never heard of this before, thanks for sharing :)

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