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Friday, October 23, 2009

Hungry and Tired

It was a rough night. I think we had about a two hour stretch at one point. E is really upset when he's awake. And he's hungry. The poor guy can't eat yet. One issue is that his breathing is questionable. (At one point last night I wondered if he would need the tube again; thankfully it was time for a breathing treatment that helped). He also doesn't have enough strength to sit up/hold his head up yet. Regardless, he is not happy. Every moment he's awake is a fight. He's sleeping again. He wrestles with us and his tubes until he gets tired enough to sleep. We're not sure if we'll be leaving PICU today. I hope so. On a different note, below is a fun post. It was scheduled out, so there's some creativity for you today!


The Harris Family said...

We're thinking of you guys. I can't even imagine how tough it must me.

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

Oh the poor baby. Is he getting any sort of nutrition through an IV? It is so hard as a parent to see your child hungry and not able to eat. I'm so sorry you and he are going through this. Still praying for him...

Miller Moments said...

You've been on my mind today. Hope that the day has brought some answers and improvement....

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