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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Basic Needs

Yesterday afternoon E started on clear fluids and then got to have formula and applesauce. Around 10PM we were taken from the PICU and sent to the "floor." Thankfully we're in a room now. E was stable enough long before that, but there just was no room for him. E is getting stronger and stronger. His eyes are open now, though I call them "dopey eyes." Due to all the medication, he looks--drugged. He is holding his neck up, too. We had several crying spells yesterday. By this I mean that he cried for 30-60 minutes and refused to be comforted. It's so hard. So tiring. Though I may be exhausted, apparently my body is thrilled with the two hour stretch of sleep I got tonight. It's after 2 AM. And I just can't get back to sleep. Thankfully E is sleeping! We've been told that we'll be in here at least until Monday, so tomorrow we'll celebrate his birthday here. We may not know the cause of the seizures when we leave, but he will continue to be on anti-seizure medication (though a normal, low dose). M came to visit while we were still in the PICU. She wasn't too interested or concerned with E, but she liked that the television could be moved up and down. (It's on a crane-like neck.) So E is eating. He is sleeping. We have a room. And a roommate. The baby roommate is having some tests done so I have to walk quite a ways (not on this wing) to use a bathroom. At least there is a sink in the room I can use.

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Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

So glad he's doing better and got to eat a little bit, and that you actually have a room now! Hopefully his birthday will be fun despite being in the hospital. Hang in there!

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