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Monday, January 2, 2012

Reading in 2012

So if you spend much time at this blog, you know I really enjoy reading.  In 2011 much of my reading was the Bible, and from the birth of my baby on my Bible reading was done during nighttime feedings.  When choosing books for review (provided by a publisher at no cost to me) I chose books I thought I would really enjoy, and for the most part I did.  This year I will likely review for publishers even less as my time is more limited these days with three children.  (But don't hold your breath...)  At the same time I have bunches of books on my shelves (or in a stack) that I would like to read.

Throughout the year, I will be participating in the Reading to Know Book Club.   You can read about the book I picked for November here.  I have already begun the January's good, but not a quick read!
Reading to Know - Book Club

Also in January, I will participate in the Lucy Maud Montgomery reading challenge also hosted by Reading to Know.  I will share this picture book with my daughter.  I was delighted to find it used!  We also recorded a black and white version of Anne that I intend to watch along with the Megan Follows version that I now own on dvd.
L. M. Montgomery Reading Challenge
In February I will participate in the Laura Ingalls Wilder reading challenge hosted by Stray Thoughts.  I will read a children's picture-book-style biography with my daughter.  We listened to all of the Little House books, several more than once and my five year old loves them.
It's possible that in July I will read for the Narnia reading challenge, but July tends to be rather intense for me. We'll see.

In October I will thoroughly enjoy the Maud Hart Lovelace reading challenge hosted by A Library is a Hospital for the Mind.  I got the Betsy-Tacy Treasury for Christmas, you know!  (Below I'm showing it to my daughter.)  I'd like to read more of her non-Betsy-Tacy works, too.
You can laugh at the pajamas...but respect the book!
Does anyone know of a Louisa May Alcott reading challenge?  I got her biography for Christmas and want to read more of her works, too.
From the Hardcover editionI will be taking my Bible reading slowly this year and look to learn and grow (unlike last year when I read the whole Bible).  I can't wait to read Unbroken.  It seems to be everyone's favorite book of the year for those who read it last year.  Based on Carrie's review, I also want to read Lit! A Christian Guide to Reading Books  Another popular book, it seems, was Entwined.  So those books and some from my shelves and just a handful of well-selected reviews.


Jennifer said...

Remember -- happiness is a new book! LOL!

I LOVE all your challenges and may have to participate myself -- I've never read any of the Avonlea/Anne of Green Gables books but am a big fan of the movies. I should look for the show on DVD!

Narnia and Little House too? You had me at "hello"! LOL! I think I may at Madeleine L'Engle to my list now too. LOVED "A Wrinkle in Time" and should read some of the other works too!

Thanks for the inspiration!

Happy New Year!

Carrie said...


Well, it looks like a fun reading year to me!

I picked up the January book club read yesterday and you're right - good, but not easy! I was in a fiction mood yesterday but I need to get crackin' on the January title here very soon.

Can't wait to hear your thoughts on this old Anne movie!

Bluerose said...

I've been in a Fairy tale reading mood lately, so I've had a difficult time trying to make myself pick up the January read. Hopefully, today! :)

Unbroken doesn't even seem like my kind of book, but everyone has loved it so much, I'm very tempted to give it a try.

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

Oh, you must absolutely read Unbroken! I don't think you'll be sorry!

I like the pajamas! :-)

Laura Fabiani said...

Looks like you have good reading goals for 2012! I also want to read Unbroken.

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

I'm also doing Carrie's book club, Montgomery Challenge, Ingalls Wilder challenge, and Narnia. Can't wait to see what you read and then your thoughts on the books.

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  • Homemade Magic Shell - I remember having Magic Shell once as a child. The chocolate syrup drizzled over my ice cream magically turned crispy hard. Mmm... Please note: If you are ...

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